Why are modern men losing their libidos? 

I ask the expert in all things manly, Ben Greenfield. Read about Ben’s accomplishments and credentials here, and don’t tell him I said so, but he’s kind of a superhero (and pretty good dancer).

Ben being manly with his family - wife Jessa and twin boys

Ben being manly with wife Jessa and their 7-yr old twin boys (click to enlarge)

What we talk about:

  • 3 things you don’t know about Ben G (He was the lead singer in a rock band? Really??)
  • How can you know whether your testosterone is low?
  • What foods to avoid if you’re not interested in man boobs or belly fat
  • The best foods to consume for testosterone production
  • What common activity can turn a grown man’s testosterone level into that of an 8-year old girl relatively instantly? 
  • Are there food choices that can act as an aphrodisiac in real-time, or is that a myth?
  • What in our environment is causing an undesirable increase in estrogen (in men and women)?
  • The best exercises to boost growth hormone and testosterone
  • What type of exercise will drain your T-levels?
  • Competition and provisional exercise – what are they and how do they help?
  • What one simple thing are you doing every day that lowers your sperm count?
  • Ben’s workouts and what he did to increase his testosterone by 300 points (that’s a LOT)
  • And other ways to increase manliness in general 🙂

What are the signs/risks of low testosterone?

    • A decrease in sex drive
    • Fatigue and lethargy
    • Erectile dysfunction
    • Fat gain (especially around the belly)
    • A decrease in bone mass (and thus an increase in the risk of breaks and fractures)
    • Male breasts – yep, man-boobs!
    • Shrinking testes 
    • An increased risk in cardiovascular disease (men with very low T-levels are at higher risk of heart attack)

Have concerns? Check with your health practitioner. Tests are relatively simple, and you can even order your own from labs like:

Other resources mentioned:

Ben’s “ONE HABIT” to try for a week: The Cold Water Challenge – brrrr!

Ben’s “RESOURCE” that he recommends: for keeping up with your favorite blogs (ahem) and articles; and wattpad – a free app/website for readers and writers

Want More?

And, if you have questions for me or for the expert, leave them here in the comments or shoot me an email. We’ll have Ben back on to talk parenting strategies for people who want healthy, strong kids, so if you have a specific question about food or habits for kids and parents, let me know!

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