Nichole Kellerman Wurth wants to live in a world where men and women actually enjoy the process of losing weight and connecting with their bodies.

She says:
• I believe simplicity is key to success.
• I believe you can inspire your partner to start living a healthy lifestyle with you.
• I believe you can feel 100% confident being naked around your partner (with the lights on!).
• I believe that by having more *FUN* in your life, you will lose weight.
• I believe your body is your strongest ally, and by listening to it and loving it unconditionally you’ll get what you need.

Today we talk about how so many things can sabotage our path to wellness and happiness. Nichole shares how understanding our self-sabotage triggers and replacing them with practices of gratitude, confidence and *gasp* self-love, can truly make the difference.

Have you spent time and energy chasing down weight loss or pursuing the “perfect body” at almost any cost?

Many of us have tried – in some way – to beat our bodies into submission to make them look a certain way. Nichole presents an alternate path – one that worked for her as she found love, confidence, appreciation and gratitude, and the healthiest body she’s ever had. She’s sharing some of her best coaching tips with us.

Nichole’s “ONE HABIT” to try for a week:  A) Personify your mental gremlin, your ego, that “tape” playing in your head. Give him/her a name. (Hers is “Helga” if you’re curious.) B) Journal daily on a few things you’re grateful for but add the WHY. Drill down. 

Nichole’s “ONE RESOURCE” that HE/SHE recommends to us: Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book, “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself”

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