The questions that we ask are a great reflection of the quality life we’re going to have. – Thai Nguyen 

Thai was born in Vietnam and taken to live in a refugee camp in Indonesia before moving to Australia, where he resides today as the creator of The Utopian Life. In between, he’s managed to play Rugby at the National Championship in Canada, compete in Thai Boxing at the international level, work as a Professional Chef, and now pursue his Master’s degree in Psychotherapy. He has overcome challenges of every sort with incredible persistence and commitment, and now his life’s focus is encouraging people like you to strive to find their unique purpose.

What We Talk About:

    • Want to make a difference in the world?
    • The 3 questions we need to ask ourselves:
      • What do I do with my life?
      • Why does it even matter?
      • How do I get there ?
    • Why do some people never get going?
    • What motivates YOU? Find your WHY
    • The power of “I choose” versus “I can’t”
    • Replacing restriction with abundance
    • How the Impostor Syndrome is holding you back
    • The best way to overcome failure and achieve your goals

Thai’s “ONE HABIT” to try for a week: the “excuse-free diet” 

Thai’s “ONE RESOURCE” that he recommends to us: the “Self-Control” App – get it here

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“I believe that everything you do in life is either an expression of who you truly are or a distraction from who you truly are. Discovering who you truly are is the burning question in everyone’s soul.” – Thai Nguyen

BONUS! Download Thai’s Infographic on Creating Your Utopian Life:

Your Utopian Life Infographic
Your Utopian Life Infographic

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