Life Map Worksheet

Life Map Worksheet

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Kristen Brown is a renowned speaker, coach, widowed mom, award-winning entrepreneur and bestselling author of The Best Worst Thing: A Memoir, The Happy Hour Effect: Twelve Secrets to Minimize Stress and Maximize Life, and the forthcoming, The Entrepreneur Promise.

She is the founder of Happy Hour Effect, a company that helps people ignite their work and life, and in episode 022, she’s telling us how to pull the plug on stress and distraction and plan a life with purpose.What We Talk About:

  • Kristen’s journey from new mom who lost her husband, to quitting her corporate job and turning her passion into a business
  • Stress is inevitable; how we manage it is our choice
  • Work / Life Balance is bunk!
  • The “Maestro Mindset”
  • How you can use a Life Map to determine what you should focus on
  • Stress is inevitable; if left unchecked, it can lead to premature aging, health problems, fat loss resistance and more things you do not want or need! 
  • How multi-tasking and procrastination are sabotaging your purpose
  • Ella’s continuous evolution from “over-busy” multi-tasker to better mom and non-crappy person

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