Debbie’s life is crazier than yours, and she’s totally making it work.

Debbie had a great husband, a comfortable life and a muffin top. Then, her world collapsed around her when she was widowed and left to raise her four young boys on her own.

Listen to Debbie explain how she went from eating Lucky Charms and fast food to learning about nutrition and exercise in a way that was new and totally do-able. Find out how she has done a total 180 and manages to stay healthy, fit and – let’s be honest – totally hot!

Debbie Wilkins Baisden

Learn more about how this super fit chick found her best self in the midst of such trial and tribulation – and what happened next.

In this episode:

  • Four kids in four years… Surprise! My jeans don’t fit.
  • Why calorie counting and extra long workouts suck at getting you lean
  • From Lucky Charms to REAL food – and how eating fat does not make you fat
  • The merits of vodka and celery… (kidding. sort of.)
  • 20 minutes a day will change your life. And your jeans size.
  • Why no gym is no excuse – you just need some Dumbbells and maybe an Exercise Mat

Resources mentioned:

Workout with Deb and learn about Project Momsanity 

Read Deb’s blog and get her workouts 

Find out more about Metabolic Effect training programs and their book, The Metabolic Effect Diet: Eat More, Work Out Less, and Actually Lose Weight While You Rest

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