Abel Gonzalez had to overcome a great many obstacles before he got anywhere near the American Ninja Warrior course.

American Ninja Warrior Abel Gonzalez talks to us about mastering our inner Ninja first, how he’s conquering life’s obstacles and living his purpose to help others along the way.

“I had to start doing some self examination – who am I ? what am I doing?” 

 Abel tells us:

  • How he left a great paying job in the oil industry to take a risk – waited in line for FIVE days – and ended up making history on NBC
  • What is was like going from “indestructible” to falling apart due to rheumatoid arthritis
  • What finally helped him overcome abandonment, anger and some pretty tough circumstances 
  • What “normal” people can do to train like a ninja (no gym required)
  • His two secrets for getting stronger as he gets older

Listen in on this Ninja’s inner game. This is one seriously motivating dude.

“You have to appreciate life. You’re here for a reason… You’re given an opportunity. A circumstance, yes, but also an opportunity.”

As Abel tells it: #WEAREALLABEL.  

We Are All Abel 

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Haven’t seen NBC’s American Ninja Warrior yet? Watch this Video by Abel Gonzalez – American Ninja Warrior Competitor.

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And check out his Ground Zero Gym & Obstacle Course.

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